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Sanomed – expert provider of liquid nutritional supplements, supplementary balanced diets and beverage concentrates

Are you looking for a company to make your supplements? Then look no further – Sanomed is the one for you! We are a leading manufacturer with more than 30 years of expertise in the fields of consulting, research and development, including the production of supplements, liquid products and ingredient combination.

We are…

an R&D manufacturing company. The right partner for you as a renowned liquid nutritional supplements provider focused on health, sports and beauty.

  • a medium-sized, owner-managed family company
  • a company headquarters with a modern newly built production facility
  • looking back on more than 30 successful years with around 140 employees
  • a service provider with a full-service concept and B2B sales
  • a company that embodies highly innovative research and development operations
  • a company with utmost quality and product safety
  • known for our “classics” such as the “25ml ampoule”

Our production line

Sanomed is synonymous with powerful innovation, excellent manufacturing quality and many years of experience. This brings new trends and the creation of highly popular products. The products we make tend to be market favorites for many years.

  • Liquid nutritional supplements, supplementary balanced diets and beverage concentrates
  • In the health, sports and beauty sectors
  • Products are manufactured under contract for customers
  • Various service steps – bulk manufacturing or production
  • Mixing and filling in 15ml – 30ml drinking bottles and large packages ranging from 60ml to 1,000ml packages
  • Customized packaging in various secondary packages


Future and vision
Continued progress
Today, Sanomed is one of the leading R&D manufacturing companies for liquid nutritional supplements. Sustained successful business development allows for well planned, future and customer-oriented investments into research and development, product and process innovations as well as renovations and expansions at the production site over the medium and long term.
2020 – 2021
Move to the new location & another anniversary
After 30 successful years in Neu-Ulm, Sanomed is moving to its new location in Vöhringen. The milestone project has come to fruition and the new building is complete – the three-part building complex has an administration wing, a production wing and a large storage space. Sanomed uses its new facility to continue capitalizing on its innovative spirit as a development and production company for liquid nutritional supplements for the health, sports and beauty sectors. The company continues to experience eventful and exiting times with the move to the new building and simultaneously marks its 30th anniversary.
2016 – 2020
Sanomed marks its 25th anniversary & further growth
Sanomed has cause for celebration – the company's 25th anniversary. When the company was established in 1991, we laid the foundation for long-term company success. The market with its continuously growing demand is another very encouraging factor. This results in further investments in additional filling systems and an increase in our headcount. Sanomed expands heavily during these years. As part of our growth strategy and the growing market demand, we embark on a new milestone – our construction project for a new building in Vöhringen. Building from the ground up enables us to create the space that we very much need at this point to continue expanding – space for new technologies, expansion and progress and new jobs. But Sanomed wants to stay in its home region and in the summer of 2017, we are able to acquire a plot of land on which the new building is to be constructed. Approximately one year later, after an intensive planning period, construction starts with the official groundbreaking in June 2019.
Continuous growth & production line expansion
At its 20-year anniversary in 2011, Sanomed has more than 100 employees and produces more than 35 million units of 15 to 1,000ml per year. In 2013, the company introduces new products to the market – the 60ml “minidrink bottle” – in response to the growing demand from the health and fitness industry. The introduction of these products (15-100ml filling volume) leads to a further expansion of the “minidrink business” line. In addition to products for athletes, Sanomed increasingly develops products for the growing health and beauty market.
Production expansion & product innovation with the PET ampoule
In the early 2000s, Sanomed develops the PET ampoule – a real innovation for the nutritional supplement market. This innovative design is the first 25ml PET ampoule on the market from the Sanomed development powerhouse. Market demand is so high for Sanomed’s new product that production increases to more than 20 million units. The company obtains DIN EN ISO 9001-2008 and IFS certifications to comply with strict quality requirements. Sanomed also invests in new filling and production systems to meet the high demand.
The company is established
Sanomed’s success story starts in 1991 when Karl Holzinger, the founder of the company, built his “all-in-one” lab in a two-car garage in Neu-Ulm. Amino acid-based liquid supplements for athletes have just come to market and will soon revolutionize gyms and fitness studios. Karl Holzinger, inspired by his sales background and personal athletic experience, takes this opportunity to establish Sanomed GmbH. The first little ampoules with self-developed supplements are created in the lab at the Philosophenweg address in Neu-Ulm. Only one year later, the newly established Sanomed GmbH supplies gyms, fitness studios and athletes with high-quality supplements in practical break-open glass ampoules. Many European sports nutrition companies trust in Sanomed’s expertise. The drink ampoule wins over juice bars in gyms and fitness studios, and sales grow steadily. Sanomed successfully markets the ampoule with break-open aid and drinking straw. The startup company is an instant success making a move necessary to the Max-Eyth-Strasse address in 1996. The new location is spacious enough to accommodate producing several million units a year, including the new 25ml glass ampoule format.


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