Cutting-edge technology

During production, we use cutting-edge, innovative machines and production technology

In the field of mixing, we are specialized in the mixing of aqueous to highly concentrated solutions. Firmly anchored process steps that depend on the specific product include: dispersion, homogenizing and emulsifying with subsequent pasteurization. All process steps are performed under the strictest hygiene regulations with state-of-the-art methods.

The filling area is also equipped with innovative machine and production technologies. Our industry-leading machines are specially designed to our requirements and vision.

Thanks to the flexible retrofitting ability of the production lines to handle a wide variety of formats, we are able to process a large number of primary packaging types.

Extensive machinery

We use cutting-edge, innovative machines and production technology to manufacture your products. This allows us to individually adjust technology and equipment to the respective requirements. All production processes are run in accordance with the strictest hygiene regulations. Every batch is carefully documented.

Quality and safety is our highest priority even during filling. That’s why our filling processes are only carried out in a filtered air environment. Containers are filled at high speed and immediately sealed with a special cap.

Sanomed offers a large selection of primary packaging.

Greatest care applied during packaging

Each package is imprinted with a shelf life/best before date and batch number to ensure traceability of your products.

Our specialized packaging staff is tasked with the proper and expert packaging of your products. This means we are able to package your products in a large selection of different folding box shapes and formats.
During packaging we perform further in-process controls because quality and safety are our highest priority.

Quick and safe shipping

After production, your goods are transferred to our state-of-the-art storage space which has a large number of pallet bays. The incoming pallets are simultaneously recorded in our ERP system. After your product has been released, the finished goods are ready for pick-up. Our order processing will send you the confirmation that the order has been completed.


I am available for any customer requests. We look forward to hearing from you via phone or e-mail to help you develop your individual product.