We are very quality conscious

Our services are subject to the strictest safety and quality requirements.

As part of our quality management, we are proud to be DIN-EN ISO 9001-2015, IFS Food and GMP Food-certified. Production at Sanomed actually goes far beyond the required standards to bring you high-quality, safe and stable products.

Our high quality requirements apply to our entire value-creation chain and especially to our daily business activities. We ensure the utmost quality and hygienic safety from raw materials and processing all the way to the finished product. In this process, every production phase is controlled and documented. Hygiene and product safety are preconditions for creating your high-quality products and the most important goal for our team members in the production and quality assurance departments.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Quality management and product safety

Sanomed utilizes a highly effective quality management system. We have been successfully applying the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Concept (HACCP) for many years now. Thanks to this tool, we are able to achieve utmost safety during the processing, production and packaging of your nutritional supplements. We are constantly monitoring and reviewing our HACCP principles so that you can always rely on our compliance with a high HACCP standard.

Our daily activities at Sanomed are characterized by our compliance with applicable quality standards. We regularly review all company processes through internal audits, in-process controls and hygiene controls of process steps.

This also includes meticulous incoming goods inspections of all raw materials and environmental monitoring. Sanomed always acts in a quality-conscious manner to ensure continuous improvement of customer relations and compliance with quality standards.

When processing and packaging your nutritional supplements, we strictly apply transparent and secure batch documentation. This type of batch documentation provides you and your end customers with additional security because it makes it possible for every individual batch to be traced. This falls under the purview of our internal quality control and quality assurance.

We strive to ensure long-term quality of the products we manufacture for you. As part of this process, we collaborate with accredited laboratories that have comprehensive chemical and microbiological testing methods at their disposal. We also conduct initial tests in our in-house microbiology lab.

Research and product stability

Liquid nutritional supplements represent a special challenge in terms of their long-term stability. We are mindful of this and take respective steps. Physical and chemical stability tests examine breakdown and restructuring processes, the formation of crystals and particles and also sensory changes during the shelf life of the product. Thanks to our many years of experience and targeted tests, we are able to offer outstanding formulations that successfully reflect these complex relationships.

We subsidize research and innovations and operate a proprietary lab for this purpose – managed by highly qualified staff appropriately trained and educated. We strive to offer our customers solutions that go “one step further”. Being an industry leader is a clear market advantage. Our research laboratory is at the cutting edge of developments and primarily focuses on “new products & innovations” – this includes new raw materials, manufacturing and processing methods but also sensory questions.

To us research means exploring new raw materials and ensuring that they taste good and are chemically and physically stable when integrated into a complex product matrix so that we can achieve a representative shelf life for the product. This is a highly complex process step requiring expertise and comprehensive analyses. Our expertise includes a broad array of chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory testing procedures that are used in a targeted manner fully aligned with the product matrix.

Liquids present a particular challenge due to a number of characteristics and influencing factors. In contrast to the less critical solid products (powder, capsules, etc.), liquids have a combined need for stability, an excellent sensory experience and a long shelf life – this presents a special challenge that we gladly accept and are specialized in.