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It all starts with an idea and ends with your product.

Benefit from our full-service concept! Your dedicated product manager will provide assistance and expert advice in every product phase throughout the entire process.

Our Service Offering

Development, production, filling and packaging – you can capitalize on our full-service offering or pick and choose from any one of the components in our wide variety of services, such as development, production or filling. We will explain these in detail below.


Full-service offering

This is our “end-to-end carefree package” where we help you during the entire process, from product development and production all the way to filling the products. As part of this process, you will have access to a reliable, dedicated contact from our product management team who will accompany you throughout the entire project. For us, the full-service offering includes procuring all components, production and filling, and getting your finished products into their final packaging and ready for shipping. You also have the option to supply individual materials or components to be used during production. All from one source, from us for you.


New product development with a pulse on current market trends generating new ideas from our innovative spirit – our internal research and development team’s goal is to help you always be the first on the market with your products. This brings our customers innovative, trendsetting products.
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Innovative manufacturing of your liquid product – we guarantee the utmost quality thanks to our many years of experience handling liquid products and cutting-edge mixing technologies.
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Exact and hygienic filling of your bulk goods in large and small packages. The primary packaging offered ranges from 15ml to 1,000ml.
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Individual packaging solutions for your products

We have many different shapes and materials to choose from. We will be happy to assist you during the selection.


Innovative production of your solutions – we guarantee the highest flexibility when taking our customers’ visions from concept to reality thanks to our many years of experience working with liquid products and cutting-edge technologies. We are here to help – from producing the liquid products to the personalized packaging and shipping.


in the health, sports and beauty sectors. Be inspired by our product portfolio. The concepts are based on popular products and market trends. You can order all products from our portfolio directly under your own brand and/or have them customized. Create YOUR own product based on our portfolio. Or we can also help you implement your idea. Whichever option you choose, we help you through research and development, regulatory affairs and product management with our wealth of expertise. Together, we will create your personalized product.


Nutritional supplements for your health – stay healthy. Get moving with ideas from the following sales segments:

• Immune Health
• Joint Health
• Mental Health
• Vision Health
• Digestive Health


Nutritional supplements for athletes – stay active. Be inspired by the different segments and let your creativity do the rest.

• Energy
• Pre-Workout
• Post-Workout
• Recovery
• Muscle Building


Nutritional supplements for your beauty – stay beautiful. Get inspired with the following beauty application areas.

• Anti Aging
• Skin, Hair, Nails
• Slimming
• Weight Management
• Wellness


I am available for any customer requests. We look forward to hearing from you via phone or e-mail to help you develop your individual product.