Completion of the new building and relocation from NU to Vöhringen

02. Apr 2021

Full of joy, the new building of Sanomed GmbH was successfully put into operation at the end of 2020.

At the same time moving into the new facility took place. So that the relocation from Neu-Ulm to Vöhringen has now been successfully completed at the end of the first quarter of 2021. The location in Neu-Ulm was resolved and from now on Sanomed GmbH’s home at its new company headquarter in Vöhringen.

The realization of the milestone project, the “new building on a green field” is complete.
Even more delightful despite the challenging conditions in times of Corona, the timing was kept. The purchase of the property and the planning phase began in 2017. Followed by the start of construction in spring 2019 and the ground-breaking ceremony in June 2019.

At the new location, Sanomed continues to rely on its spirit of innovation as a development and manufacturing company for liquid food supplements in the health, sports and beauty sectors. Now in the new building with more space for new technologies, expansion and progress as well as more jobs.

With the completion of the new building and the relocation as well as this year’s 30th company anniversary, an official celebration was of course also planned. Unfortunately, the current framework conditions in relation to the corona pandemic do not allow this at the moment. In the summer, the possibility of a celebration will be reconsidered and perhaps implemented.

Mister Holzinger, owner and managing director, does not want to miss the opportunity to speek out a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved. The thanks are not only directed to the general planner, the individual construction trades and service providers as well as the city, but also to the entire Sanomed workforce.

Having arrived in Vöhringen, Sanomed is looking forward to continuing the Sanomed success story and to being good neighbors.