• Domestic and international shipping

    After your product is developed, produced and packaged, our experienced import/export team compiles all documents necessary to ship your product anywhere in the world. You just let us know what you want and we make it happen with international shipping companies.

    Our premises feature modern storage facilities. The finished products are stored and managed using an innovative storage management software program until the microbiological readings are released by external institutions.



    Our warehouse is opened for incoming and outgoing goods from

    Monday to Thursday:
    08:00 h - 12:00 h
    12:30 h - 16:00 h


    08:00 h - 12:00 h
    12:30 h - 15:00 h

  • Quick and safe shipping 

    Once the products are cleared by an external institute, the shipping process for your products can get started. 

    The necessary logistical data is generated by our packaging and shipping department and clearly affixed to the shipping boxes and palettes. This ensures that the shipment can be easily and accurately traced the entire way from when it leaves our company until it arrives at the specific location, i.e. the pharmacies, fitness studios, drugstores, supermarkets, etc.