• Checking raw materials for your nutritional supplement products

    Our regulatory department is intensively focused on food regulation matters. Our customers are also notified of certain events and their effects when it comes to ingredients. 

    Based on its data, every individual ingredient is checked and evaluated by an expert team. The ingredient is not released until it has been classified as safe by Regulatory Affairs. Our repertoire contains more than 400 ingredients that we can use to produce various goods such as nutritional supplement products, concentrated beverages, and dietary foods. 

  • This tremendous selection allows us to create a whole host of new developments completely according to your specific requests.

    Important information about your nutritional supplement products

    After a concept has been finalized for your nutritional supplement products, we will provide you a detailed specification sheet with all the important information (e.g. nutritional information, allergens, name under which the product will be sold, etc.). You also need this in order to have a Certificate of Free Sale (Verkehrsfähigkeitsbescheinigung) generated by an expert. 

    You can start designing the packaging materials for your nutritional supplement based on this information, and we would be glad to help you!