• Diligent preparation of your products

    Your products are packaged by a team of experienced professionals. Quality and cleanliness are our highest priority. Quality controls are conducted regularly throughout the entire preparation process in order to ensure that we only produce flawless products. 

    Innovative logistic processes ensure the appropriate preparation of all packages.

    Important requirements for food products 

    Since nutritional supplements are considered food products they are subject to certain shelf-life limits, which we print on the package along with the batch number. This ensures that your products can be easily and accurately traced.

  • Every single step of the preparation is regulated and documented in specifications contained in Sanomed's quality manual. For example, the following questions can be answered using the quality manual in order for us to prepare your products as you desire: 

    • How should the coding be carried out according to your specifications?
    • What is the total height that the pallet must not exceed?
    • What optimized amount of products has been specified per package?

    We bundle the final packages into shipping boxes according to your specifications. These boxes are then placed on pallets according to fixed guidelines so they are ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.