Primary and Secondary packaging

We provide a wide range of primary and secondary packaging and we will be pleased to give you advise for target group specific focus. Choose from a large number of forms and take advantage of our offer of various design and finishing options

Small filling size

Bottle size between 15 – 150ml
Material PET
Original safety cap - with a tamper-evident seal
Daily portion or multiple portions

The classic phial

Phial size 15, 20, 25 or 30ml
Material PET
Can be combined with Capsule Add-on
Wide range of cap colors available

The Capsule Add-On

Suitable for 15 - 30ml phials and 60ml bottles
Combines liquid + capsules
Avoids separate packaging
Increases product loyalty, brand recognition and makes the decision-making process easier


Bottle size 60ml
Space for 3-5 times more raw material
Exclusive design
Attractive, handy, compact form
Double safety cap with tamper-evident seal
Optimal drink sensation

Large filling size

Bottle size 300ml, 500ml, 1,000ml
Made out of PET and HDPE
Suitable for beverage concentrates
Combined with a measuring cup for multiple portions


Adhesive labels
- Flexibility regarding visual and form emphasis
- Half-Body and Full-Body Sleeve
- Tamper-evident double safety seal for 60ml bottles
- Haptic sleeves and finishing techniques possible

Outer packaging

folding boxes
- Automatic bottom, Displays
Presentation boxes
Safety seals, Lattice inserts, Package inserts