• Precise and clean filling

    Large or small, daily portion or bottles with multiple portions – you have a choice between a wide variety of primary packaging options for the filling process. 

    For safety reasons, here at Sanomed we only fill products in a filtered air environment. Larger and smaller bottles are filled and then immediately afterwards are sealed with a tamper-evident cap. To be on the absolute safe side - for the benefit of our customers - the fill amount is verified at this stage and underfilled bottles are removed.

  • Your preparation determines the filling process. For example, we can use a two-step process to fill products that have a tendency to foam. The fill rate of our systems is always determined by your individual recipe.

    More than just a good solution

    You would like to top off your liquid product with an add-on for capsules? We can do this for you, too. Depending on the size, up to four capsules in two different types are available.

    Our production lines are able to accommodate a wide variety of fill sizes and packaging options.