• Cutting-edge product developments

    The entire focus of our internal research and development department is on making sure our products and ideas are cutting edge so we can provide you with an optimum product. 


    Research lays the initial groundwork for the actual product development. This is where we are intensively focused on developing new strategies and coming up with new products. Our objective is to utilize new ingredients or to improve the stability of existing ingredients. And to check the ingredients based on specific recipes. We conduct our experiments based on the newest scientific publications and findings. We naturally also test new manufacturing processes such as emulsions or suspensions. 

  • Development


    Development is focused specifically on your product. We have over 25 years of experience in this area. No matter whether sports nutrition- or health product-related, we will identify the appropriate solution for your desired product. In addition to quality, our priority here is on technical stability, taste and appearance. We have over 400 ingredients and about 70 different aromas to choose from. If we don't happen to have the ingredient you are looking for, we would be happy to check with our suppliers. Your recipe is customized specifically for you.


    Our research and development recipes are certainly subjected to comprehensive stability tests. In addition to sensory tests, these also include physicochemical tests such as photometric methods. The stability plan is conducted based on the pharmaceutical ICH standard. This is how we make sure that your product remains stable over the required time period.