Sanomed Geschichte-en 1991 1992 2000 2012 2014

  • 1991 - Company is established

    Neu-Ulm – amino acid-based liquid sports nutrition becomes increasingly popular in gyms and fitness studios. Karl Holzinger, inspired by his sales background and personal athletic experience, establishes Sanomed GmbH. Sanomed starts to produce and sell the popular 20ml break-open glass ampules. In 1991, an "All in One" lab is set up in a double garage on Philosophenweg in Neu Ulm. A small, highly motivated research team works day and night there on product development.

  • 1992-1999 - The path of the glass ampule

    In 1992, Sanomed develops the first market-ready recipe. Just two years later the company showcases its products at the fitness trade fair FIBO. Many European sports nutrition companies trust in Sanomed's expertise. The drink ampule takes over juice bars in gyms and fitness studios, sales grow steadily. Sanomed successfully markets the ampule with easy-open lid and drinking straw. Product portfolio is expanded to include products that support the immune system and are beneficial for cardiovascular and joint health. In 1995, the 25 ml glass ampule is launched to provide more volume for innovative recipes. In 1996, the company moves to Max Eyth Street where it has more space for further changes. Sanomed now produces more than 8 million units.

  • 2000-2011 - The first PET ampule is marketed

    The turn of the millennium brings the switch from glass to innovative PET drinking ampules, a completely new packaging type in the nutrition supplement market. The PET drink ampules are welcomed by the market and annual production increases to 25 million units.

    Sanomed develops innovative inline production technology, invests in modern ampule filling systems, offers new sleeve and labeling technology, meets high quality standards according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2008 and IFS, strengthens the internal regulatory affairs competencies as well as strategic purchasing and stabilizes its competitiveness through improved cost control.

  • 2012 - The minidrink business

    2011 Sanomed celebrates its 20-year anniversary. Today, approximately 100 highly qualified employees produce more than 35 million large and small bottles with a filling volume ranging from 15 ml to 1,000 ml at the company headquarters on Max Eyth Street.

    In addition to sports-related products, Sanomed increasingly produces products for the growing health and wellness market. In 2013, the "minidrink business" segment (15 ml - 100 ml filling volume) is further expanded with the introduction of the 60 ml minidrink bottle and the twist'n shake system.

  • 2016 - 25 years Sanomed

    Sanomed has cause for celebration - the company's 25th anniversary. When the company was established in 1991, we laid the foundation for long-term company success. Our customers, suppliers and partners played a significant role in our success. Thank you for your trust and years of loyalty. We will continue to strive to fulfill your wishes and requests every day.

    A special thank you also to all our team members. Your motivated and committed efforts greatly contributed to our success over the years.

  • Future and vision

    The sustained successful business development allows for well planned, future- and customer-oriented investments into research and development, product and process innovations as well as renovations and expansions at the production site over the medium and long term.